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No-Cost Chipper Service for Fire Hazard Reduction around your Home.

You cut it – We’ll chip it!


State law requires you to increase the fire clearance around your home from the old 30 feet to the new 100 feet distance. CAL FIRE has stated that it is their intent to phase in this requirement, but your insurance company has the right to require you to have this distance in place now. In fact, your insurance company can require you to clear any distance they deem appropriate to mitigate fire risks.

Your local fire districts, in conjunction with the Yuba Watershed Protection & Fire Safe Council, have received a grant from the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection (CAL FIRE) that will chip your cut brush from around your house for FREE. All you have to do is cut the brush 100 feet around your home and stack it with all the ends pointing in the same direction near a road or driveway and we will do the rest.

How to Create Defensible Space

For structural clearing:

• Minimum 100-foot clearance reduce flammable brush such as manzanita, buck brush, etc.

• Limb trees 10 feet from ground level or at one-third of tree height

• Cut any overhanging limbs away from the roof, and at least 10 feet from chimneys

For roadside and driveway clearing:

• Clear brush and trim trees on each side of road, to a total width of 20 to 24 feet

• Trim overhanging branches up to a 14-foot minimum to provide clearance for trucks and emergency vehicles.