Cathy LeBlanc

Executive Director/ Rural Health Advocate

Cathy LeBlanc is employed by Camptonville Community Partnership as the Executive Director and Rural Health Advocate to promote the voice of the community to advocate for sustainable rural health. Her personal mission is to empower community members to have their voice heard by educating and engaging them in the civic processes that inform and guide decision makers.

She has fifteen years experience in Asset Based Community Development and is also Director of community programs for children and families in Camptonville. She serves as the Community Chair and Policy Chair of the Yuba County Children’s Council/ Child Abuse Prevention Council and Governance Committee member for the Sacramento Region Food System Collaborative. Cathy is also a graduate of Sierra Health Foundation’s  Health Leadership Program Class IX.

LeBlanc is a former welfare recipient, and founder of “CanWORK Communities” a program that addresses the barriers to employment of CalWORKs participants who live in rural environments. Her early advocacy work for Welfare reform involved her in local, state and federal arenas, including TANF Reauthorization Hearings in Washington DC on 9/11/01 and she helped organize and gave testimony at the Chico Townhall on Welfare Reform February 2002. She has also led the community of Camptonville to develop, publish and present a Community Health Action Plan to help guide decision makers regarding Yuba County General Plan decisions. Her current advocacy work engaged all 5 Yuba County School District Boards as well as community partners and parents. This project utilized presentations and a workshop series to build awareness of recent legislation (Healthy Hunger Free Kids Act HHFKA sec. 204) that affect schools and their wellness policies.

Cathy is a singer, songwriter and mom who lives in Camptonville California with her children.