The Yuba County Public Works Department, in conjunction with the Yuba County Watershed Protection & Fire Safe Council, seeks to create a fire ready community, encouraging residents to take actions to minimize home loss by preparing for a wildfire before it occurs.

The Roadside Fuel Reduction Project will use grant money to make it easier for firefighters to work by reducing ignition points and creating fuel breaks (i.e. vegetation removal) along many roads in the Yuba County foothills, and to make your evacuations safer during a wildfire. Fuel breaks are gaps in vegetation or other highly flammable materials that act as blockades to slow down and stop the progress of wildfires.

What You Can Do

Ensure You Have Defensible Space Around Your Home: Residents and businesses in Yuba County can contribute to fuel reduction efforts by being fire ready and clearing their individual properties each season to create defensible space. Defensible space is an area at least 100 feet in diameter around your home and other structures where combustible fuels (grass, brush, low-hanging limbs, woodpiles, etc.) have been removed or significantly reduced. One hundred feet of defensible space is required (CA Public Resource Code (PRC 4291)). Defensible space has two zones: 0-30 feet from homes and structures is lean, clean and green (i.e. remove all dead plants, grass and weeds); 30-100 feet from structures as reduced fuel loads (i.e. cut down grass to a maximum height of 4 inches).

Make Your Home Fire Resistant: New homes built in California are required to be fire resistant structures, but regulations are not in place for older homes (built prior to 2008). A coupled approach of defensible space with a fire resistant home dramatically reduces your chance of a structure loss. You can improve your home with ongoing maintenance and some low-cost upgrades, including replacing or repairing loose and missing roof shingles and flashing, cleaning gutters of leaves, and installing ember-quenching roof and basement vents.

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