Do you need help protecting your home from wildfire?

You may be eligible for the Yuba County Special Needs Assistance Program for Defensible Space Clearance (to achieve compliance under Public Resource Code 4291)


The Yuba Watershed Protection & Fire Safe Council will provide defensible space clearing around the homes of Yuba Co. residents who are physically or financially unable to maintain their own defensible space. You must:

  • Be over 65 years old, OR
  • Have a Medical Physical Disability, OR
  • Be financially unable to hire a contractor, with an annual household income below the following limits:*

1 person: $21,000
2 person: $24,000
3 person: $27,000
4 person: $30,000

* U.S. Dept. of Housing and Urban Development income limits for 2017


  • On-site education about effective defensible space.
  • Reduction of fire danger in immediate surroundings of home.
  • Initial professional clean-up of brush and woody fuels.
  • Services delivered on a first-come, first-served basis as funding is available.
  • Services do not include removal of household trash or other materials surrounding the home.

PLEASE NOTE: If we cannot access the home due to large accumulations of non-vegetative debris, we cannot provide services.

If you think your household is eligible and would like to be placed on the waiting list:

Please call Camptonville Community Partnership at (530) 288-9355. Or, download the form and email it to CCP or by fax to (530)288-1908.

This program is made possible with funding from PG&E.