The chipper can handle material up to 4” in diameter and up to 8’ feet long. Freshly cut and stacked materials chip much better than old dry wood. If your piles have been in place for a long time and/or contain a lot of old dry material, our crews may not be able to chip them.

  • No one piece of material may weigh more than 50 pounds, and no dozer or tractor piles.
  • No nails, wire or any metal pieces!!
  • No roots or stumps
  • No Poison Oak
  • No spiny plants, roses or blackberries
  • No Scotch/French broom or gorse
  • No construction- type wood such as fence posts or 2x4s
  • No rocks, dirt and mud
  • No rakings or piles of needles, leaves or grass
  • No dead/ old wood (hardens and cannot be put through the chipper)