Home Hardening Cost Share Program

Applications due by November 15th 2022

This program provides up to 50% reimbursement cost (maximum reimbursement is $2000.00) of eligible Home Hardening expenses to make specific Wildfire Upgrades to Yuba County homes in the five Foothill Fire Districts listed below.

How to Participate

1) First you must schedule a Free Wildfire Mitigation Review (WMR) from a Yuba Watershed Protection & Fire Safe Council trained volunteer to become eligible for the cost share program

Schedule a Mitigation Review by one of our Trained Volunteers Here!

2) Based on information from your review, make as many eligible home hardening upgrades as possible.  Remember to take before and after PHOTOS of the work – photos and receipts are required for reimbursement eligibility. 


3) Submit an Online Reimbursement Application along with copies of RECEIPTS and invoices, and your before/after photos


Print the applications as instructed at the end of this page and mail them in.

Yuba County Foothill Fire Districts Eligible for this Program:

1) Camptonville Community Service District

2) Foothill Fire Protection District

3) Dobbins Oregon House Fire Protection District

4) Loma Rica Browns Valley Community Service District

5) Smartsville Fire Protection District

Roof Vent

Eligible Residential Upgrades Include:

  • Install 1/8″-1/16” metal mesh on vents or install ember/flame resistant vents
  • Cover chimney and stovepipe outlets with non-combustible screen/spark arrestors
  • Install metal gutters, corrosion resistant gutter guards, and drip edge
  • Upgrade last 5’ of fencing closest to house with non-combustible materials such as metal
  • Box in eaves with ignition-resistant or non-combustible materials and plug or caulk gaps around rafters
  • Fix any roofing that is loose, missing, or at the end of its life, and fill gaps between roof and sheathing
  • Hire a service to clear debris and vegetation from roof, gutters, and within first five feet of home
  • Install weather stripping around and under the garage door
  • Replace roofing and siding with non-combustible materials
  • Seal joints and cracks and replace dry rot in siding
  • Upgrade windows to dual pane tempered glass
  • Repair or replace window screens

This program is focused on helping residents upgrade to ignition resistant building materials and will not cover the cost of fire retardant gels.  

Review Full Program Guidelines Here!

What is home hardening?

HOME HARDENING prepares your home for wildfire. While no home is completely fireproof, a hardened home has a reduced risk of ignition. Home hardening addresses the most vulnerable components of your house with building materials and installation techniques that increase resistance to heat, flames, and flying embers (link).

Flying embers have been shown to cause the most damage (link).  


For more information including how to prioritize upgrades, refer to your Wildfire Mitigation Review and check out these resources:

University of California Cooperative Extension ’s page on Preparing Your Home Here!


Guide to specific House Upgrades, and how to prioritize them Here!

Defensible space  Get Started Online:  

1) First Step: Schedule a Mitigation Review Here

2) Complete the recommended upgrades from your review. Take “before” and “after” PHOTOS and SAVE YOUR RECEIPTS.

3) Return to this page to Submit the Cost Share Application along with your digital photos and receipts Here

  Mail in applications: 

1) Complete a printable Mitigation Review Application

Go to Mitigation Application Page

2) Make your upgrades, take before and after PHOTOS, and SAVE YOUR RECEIPTS.

3) Complete the mail in Cost Share Application (PDF File)

and submit with printed copies of your photos and receipts

Mail application with appropriate postage and supporting documentation to:

YWPFSC Cost Share Program PO Box 966 Marysville CA 95901


*Awards will be distributed first come, first served – until funds run out.

*Work must be performed in 2022 and application must be submitted by November 15th, 2022

Contact us by emailing programs@yubafiresafe.org  if you are unsure whether specific work will be eligible or have other questions. Submission of an application does not guarantee reimbursement, which will occur based on determination of project eligibility and fund availability.

Funding Provided by a Grant From

PG&E through the California Fire Safe Council

Donations :

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