• Register for CodeRED Emergency Alerts online
  • Create a managed account so you can modify your existing notification settings and contact information. Customize your alert preferences via phone call, text, and/or email.
  • Sign-up all phone numbers (landlines and cell phones) associated with your address, including roommates, children, parents, etc. This allows everyone to get the alert if there is an emergency.
  • Sign-up for multiple addresses, including your home, work, and your children’s school.
  • Add CodeRED’s two phone numbers 1 (866) 419-5000 and 1 (855) 969-4636 to your cell phone and/or landline contacts as “CodeRED Emergency Alerts.” This way, when you receive a phone call from either of CodeRED’s phone numbers during an emergency event, you will be able to recognize the call as a CodeRED alert rather than easily mistaking the 1-866 or 1-855 number as a telemarketer.
  • Add CodeRED’s phone numbers (1 (866) 419-5000 and 1 (855) 969-4636) to cell phone favorites, and allow your favorites to ring out loud during the night so that you will always be notified of an emergency.

All phone numbers associated with your address. For example, sign up your cell phone, your landline, and your family members cell phones who are living at your residence so everyone receives a CodeRED emergency alert during an emergency event in your neighborhood. Similarly, sign-up all colleagues at a work address.

The CodeRED Mobile Alert app receives notifications directly to your mobile device, however it is HIGHLY recommended to also register for CodeRED rather than just downloading the app. The CodeRED Mobile Alert app is freee and available through the Apple Store or Google Play.

CodeRED is a high-speed mass notification system designed to keep you safe in the event of an emergency. This service allows the county to deliver emergency or time-sensitive messages to you via text, email, landline, cell phone, RSS, social media, or a mobile application push. CodeRED alerts will display as originating from 1 (866) 419-5000 and 1 (855) 969-4636 on your caller ID. If you missed any of the message details, you can also dial the number back to hear the complete message.

CodeRED is used for emergency or time-sensitive situations to keep you informed. It is used for evacuation notices like floods or wildfires, boil water notices, criminal activity, and missing persons/children.

Yuba County officials create alerts for CodeRED and issue them to residents within the affected area.

You may not get any alert of a dangerous situation. If you feel that a situation is unsafe, you need to leave.

CodeRED is one of several methods that the county uses during an emergency; they use many ways of notification in case one fails. Other notifications include local media (KNCO, KVMR, YubaNet, and the Union); emergency alert radios; and the Sheriff’s Office in evacuation areas through door-to-door, vehicle PAs, and Hi Lo Sirens depending on time and resources. Other sources of info during an emergency may not be accurate, including word of mouth and social media.