Evacuation Tags

The Yuba County Sheriff’s Department, Yuba County Office of Emergency Services, and the Yuba Watershed Protection & Fire Safe Council have partnered to provide “EVACUATED” tags. Families should place these tags in a highly visible place such as a door, reflective address sign, mailbox, fence, or gate as they leave.

These tags will help first responders quickly identify which homes have been evacuated.

This can allow them to focus their attention on those who might still need help.

The tags are free and may be found in a number of locations throughout Yuba County:


Cal Fire Station, Loma Rica

Cal Fire Station, Dobbins

Cal Fire Station, Smartsville

Camptonville Fire

Dobbins-Oregon House Fire and Thrift Store

Foothill Fire and Thrift Store

Yuba County Sheriff’s Office, Marysville

Yuba County Office of EmergencyServices

Key points related to the new “EVACUATED” Tags.

Get the Tags: You can pick up tags at the Yuba County Sheriff’s Office on Yuba Street in Marysville, any of the Volunteer Fire Departments, at the Foothill or Dobbins-Oregon House Auxiliary Thrift Stores, or at the Cal Fire Stations in Smartsville, Loma Rica, and Dobbins.

Tell your neighbors and friends about the tags

Store the Tags: Keep the tags by your door, with your Go-Bag , or in your car.  Make sure the whole family knows what they are and where they are kept.

Place the Tags: When evacuating, hang the tag in an easily visible location in the front of your property such as your gate, your fence, your mail box, or on your address sign.

If you can’t locate your tag, DO NOT delay your evacuation to look for the tag. If you have evacuated and remember that you didn’t hang your tag, DO NOT return to do so.

The evacuated areas will be closely monitored by first-responders and when the initial evacuation is completed and the area is accessible by Deputies, the tags will be documented and removed.

The purpose of the tags is to aid first-responders to quickly determine if a house has been evacuated. Ideally, these tags will allow the first-responders to make this determination from the road. By saving time at each house with a displayed tag, the evacuation can be carried out in a quicker and safer manner. Remember…Minutes Saved Can Save Lives

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