No Spark Tow Chain Covers

“No Spark” Tow Chain Covers

The “No Spark” Tow Chain Cover project began as a result of a Facebook post (Chetco Bar Fire Help Page out of Southern Oregon) that was shared to our Fire Safe Councils FB page by Lynn Griffin, a member of the Yuba Watershed Protection & Fire Safe Council. It appeared at a time when Yuba County foothills were experiencing a significant number of roadside fires that were the result of dragging/sparking tow chains. A group of motivated and industrious ladies decided that it was time to “take action”. The “rally cry” went out and our “fire family” answered the call. CalFire and USFS retire the heavy duty hose that is no longer usable for firefighting, however the hose is perfect for recycling into tow chain covers. They were quick to offer us the materials we needed to make the covers. The first batch of covers were cut, wrapped and distributed at the Christmas in the Foothills at Alcouffe in Oregon House. We suggested a set of tow chain covers and a car fire extinguisher as “fire safe” Christmas gift for anyone with a tow hitch. The team was asking for a donation of $10 per set, with 100% of the proceeds going to the 5 local fire districts.  Since then we’ve given them away when someone needed them and we’ve gotten big donations for one set. Thanks to Ray Bradley Feed who bought a bucket full for his store. All in all, the covers are in use and it means less fires in not just the foothills, but “wherever one might go with a tow”.  To date, we’ve had almost $1400.00 in donations.

While we were delivering the covers by hand, we now have them located in many businesses in the Yuba foothills for convenient pick up. Please consider some donation when you do. Remember 100% of your donation goes to the volunteer fire stations that help keep us safe.

“No Spark” tow chain covers are available at:

  • Browns Valley Ray Bradley Feed Store
  • Bullards Bar Reservoir
  • Thousand Trails Campground
  • Loma Rica Cal Fire station
  • Dobbins Cal Fire Station
  • Smartsville Volunteer Fire Station
  • Dobbins Farmers Market- Saturdays From 10-2
  • Dobbins Fire Auxiliary Thrift Store
  • Camptonville Lost Nugget Gas Station
  • Brownsville Books and More

Thank you to Sheriff Wendel Anderson for recognizing the value of the program. Foothill deputies are carrying them in their vehicles for anyone that might need them.

You may also obtain them from “No Spark” team members:

  • Beverly Cameron-Fildes – Loma Rica
  • Rosemary Dagget Blevins- Dobbins
  • Tracy Park- Brownsville
  • Cathy LeBlanc- Camptonville

If you have a location and are willing to be an “outlet” for the covers, please contact our  Outreach Advisors Here

We will continue to update the list of locations as they occur.

Please Consider a Donation to Help us Continue Community and Wildland Fire Safety