Become a Community Fire Mitigation Advisor

Do you want to learn how to protect your home and reduce property damage from wildland fires? Maybe you are looking for a way to help out your fellow Yuba County neighbors? There is a way to do both!

Become a trained Community Fire Mitigation Advisor!

Our volunteer advisors receive valuable training and information on the latest research in hardening structures and defensible space mitigation.

You will receive on the job field training from a Qualified Advisor and be able to use this information to improve the chances of your home and community surviving the next wildfire!

Home Zones For Wildfires

Wild Fire Mitigation Zones

Your training will allow you to help neighbors, friends and other residents in Yuba County gain knowledge on ways to reduce the damage to their residence and property. The Yuba Watershed Protection and Fire Safe Council and Yuba County Resource Conservation Districts are looking for volunteers to become Community Fire Mitigation Advisors.

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