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The Yuba Watershed Protection and Fire Safe Council is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) community-based group consisting of concerned citizens, local, state and federal fire professionals, law enforcement, professional foresters, local timber companies and resource conservation groups along with county government

Working Together Towards the Following:

Protect Property and Lives

Maintain Yuba County Forest Health

Prevent Wildfire Where Possible

Minimize Effects of Wild Fire


Prepare for Any Emergency!

Floods and fires are very real possibilities for anyone living in Yuba County. The past few years have shown us that devastating wildfires pose a very real threat to our communities. Our foothill communities are particularly vulnerable to the ravages of wind-driven fires.


Nevada-Yuba-Placer-Amador-Eldorado Units

Fire Watches or Warnings

None for the Area

Fire Zone CA-267 – Dobbins / Oregon House

Warm and dry conditions will continue into the weekend

Widespread winds 35-40 mph tonight with stronger

gusts possible in the foothills and mountains

Expect low daytime humidity with poor to

moderate overnight recovery into Friday

Data: NOAA  Fire Weather Map






2021 Residential Programs

Reflective Address Signs

Home Wildfire Review Program

Free Evacuation Tags

Volunteer Programs

Residential Chipping Program


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