September 21st, 2020

Hunting Season Raises Wild Fire Concerns

California’s 2020 general deer season will open in Zone A on Saturday, Aug. 8, and in Zone B-4 on Saturday, Aug. 22.

Be aware of your surroundings before pulling that trigger!

 Target Shooting Guidlines PDF

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September 20th, 2020

logo-pgeAre you ready for PGE Power Outages?

Save The Link:  Check your address and see an outage map here when outages occur.

Device charging, Wi-Fi and community support centers

PG&E opens daytime Community Resource Centers in areas affected by a shutoff. These centers offer ADA-accessible restrooms and hand-washing stations, medical equipment charging, device charging, Wi-Fi, bottled water and snacks. Indoor centers also offer air-conditioning or heating, seating and ice.

Find a Community Resource Center Here

If you are a PG&E account holder, you do not need to sign up for a “PSPS alerts” or a “wildfire alert.” Account holders impacted by a PSPS receive notifications by phone and email, when possible, in advance of the outage. We also send regular updates regarding power restoration. If you’ve provided multiple phone numbers, we’ll send notifications to each number.

To receive these alerts, it is important that PG&E has your current contact information so you can be notified when an event could impact your home or business. Visit My Wildfire Alerts or call 1-866-743-6589 to update your contact information.

August 28th, 2020

The Alertwildfire camera system is a public access real time high definition camera network with over 600 cameras.

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You’ve spotted a fire on the ALERTWildfire website—now what?
Most fires on the website have already been reported and an attack is already underway. But not always… here are some tips to see if you’ve spotted an unreported fire. (1) Most fires that are centered in the field of view and zoomed into are already confirmed. (2) A fire start that is not zoomed into and/or centered in the frame has a good chance of being a new start. (3) Time lapse the main camera pane, if you see the camera move to and zoom toward the fire, you know fire authorities are on it! (4) After assessing the tips given, and you think it’s a fire. Call 9-1-1. In the shoulder seasons, ALERTWildfire is also used to monitor prescribed burns and the rules outlined above still are a good guide in understanding what’s an Rx burn or possibly a late or early season wildfire.

August 26th, 2020

The California Conservation Corps’ Forestry Corps began operation in July 2019. The Forestry Corps uses specially trained crews of Corps members to remove overgrown and dead vegetation posing a fire risk. The Forestry Corps is made up of three CCC crews based at the Inland Empire, Solano, and Tahoe Centers. The Forestry Corps was created by Assembly Bill 2126 (2018) to develop and implement forest health projects in state responsibility areas or high hazard fire zones. The Forestry Corps partners with CAL FIRE, U.S. Forest Service, county agencies, fire safe councils, and others on project work. The Forestry Corps is funded at $4.45 million dollars for FY 2019-20.


August 25th, 2020

Ancient Redwoods Survive Wildfires

Every old growth redwood in Big Basin  has fire scars on them.

They’ve been through multiple fires possibly worse than this.

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August 24th, 2020

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Yuba Fire Safe Facebook Page Hits a Milestone with 500 Members


August 22nd, 2020

Where Can I find Information about Wild Fire Smoke and Covid-19?

The overlap of the COVID-19 pandemic with wildfire
season in the United States complicates public health response to wildfire smoke.

People who are either susceptible to or affected by COVID-19 may have health conditions that also make them vulnerable to wildfire smoke exposure. 

Learn more about Wild Fire Smoke and Covid-19


Daniel Berlant Asst. Deputy Director August 21, 2020

California Statewide Fire Summary August 21, 2020 Nearly 12,000 firefighters are battling nearly two dozen major fires and complexes across California. Overnight firefighters continued to make progress despite extreme weather conditions. Since the lightning siege started on Saturday, August 15, 2020 there have been nearly 12,000 lightning strikes. During this time-period, there have been more than 560 new wildfires, most of which have been contained due to aggressive firefighting. Those fires have burned over 771,00 acres in total. As we move into the weekend, fire danger remains elevated with a few holdover lightning ignitions still possible. A warming trend is likely. Gusty winds are expected in the Eastern Sierra today, elevating the fire danger. Fire officials are monitoring the weather closely as lightning is expected to return Sunday night through Tuesday across Northern California. Since January 1, 2020, CAL FIRE has responded to over 5,600 wildfires. The recent spike in wildfire activity is an important reminder for residents to take steps to prevent sparking a wildfire. Having an evacuation plan, a supply kit, and important paperwork will make it easier when it is time to GO. Remember one less spark, means One Less Wildfire. Learn more at ReadyForWildFire   Fires of Interest:   **CAL FIRE Incidents** Salt Fire, Calaveras County Northeast of Copperopolis *1,789 acres, 75% contained Carmel Fire, Monterey County South of Carmel *4232 acres, 0% contained *Evacuations in place *CAL FIRE IMT 1 Team in command Hills Fire, Fresno County South of Coalinga *1,900 acres 45% contained River Fire, Monterey County East of Salinas *39, 464 acres, 9% contained *Approximately 3,000 structures threatened *Approximately 9,000 people have been evacuated *CAL FIRE IMT Team 1 in command 3-4 Fire, Tehama County Southwest of Red Bank  *7,000 acres, 0% contained    Creek Fire, Mendocino County Northeast of Covelo *820 acres, 90% contained *Two structures destroyed   3-19 Fire, Mendocino County Southeast of Potter Valley *62 acres, 100% contained *One structure destroyed   BTU/TGU Lightning Complex Fire, Butte and Glenn Counties Butte, Tehama and Glenn Counties *30,042 acres, 10% contained *Elkhorn 18,000 acres, 0% *Ivory 4,500 acres, 0% *5-4 Potters 1012 acres, 70% *2-24 330 acres, 70% *5-5 200 acres, 50% *1-8 150 acres, 50% *1-7 100 acres, 30% *CAL FIRE IMT- 4 in command   LNU Lightning Complex Fire, Napa County Napa County State DPA, SRA, Napa County *219,067 acres, 7% contained *Hennessey (merged fires) 105,000 acres, 0% contained *Wallbridge 14,500 acres, 0% contained *Meyers 3,000 acres, 0% contained *Round 4,000 acres, 0% contained *Aetna 4,500 acres, 0% contained *Estimated 480 structures destroyed *Evacuations in place *CAL FIRE IMT-2 in command   Jones Fire, Nevada County Northwest of Nevada City *705 acres, 25% contained *Evacuation in place *5 residential structures destroyed   CZU August Lightning Fire, San Mateo and Santa Cruz Counties San Mateo and Santa Cruz Counties *50,000 acres, 0% contained *Waddell fire, 600 acres 0% contained *Evacuations in place *20 residential structures destroyed *CAL FIRE IMT #3 is in command   SCU Lightning Complex Fire, Contra Costa, Alameda, Santa Clara and Stanislaus Counties Contra Costa, Alameda, Santa Clara and Stanislaus Counties * 229,968 acres, 10% contained *20 fires in the complex *Marsh 3,000 acres, 99% contained *Canyon 174,866 acres, 0% contained *Reservoir 51,619 acres, 10% contained *Deer 3,294 acres, 70% contained *Arroyo 190 acres, 90% contained *Evacuations and road closures in place *CA IMT-6 in command **Unified Command Fires** Warnella Fire, Santa Cruz County East of Davenport *290 acres, 5% contained *Unified Command CAL FIRE and BLM – Central California District Lake Fire, Los Angeles County Southwest of Lake Hughes * 28,912 acres, 52% contained *Continued structure threat *Road closures in the area *Unified Command USFS and Los Angeles County Fire *CA IMT Team 5 is in command **Federal Incidents** Dolan Fire, Monterey County Ventana Wilderness – Los Padres National Forest * 8,500 acres, 0% contained Ranch 2 Fire, Los Angeles County San Gabriel Canyon *4,237 acres, 39% contained *Road closures in place *Federal Type 2, in command Apple Fire, Riverside County Cherry Valley *33,424 acres, 95% contained North Complex Fire, Plumas County Southwest of Susanville – Plumas National Forest * 16,244 acres, 5% contained *Evacuations in place *Road and trail closures in effect *CA IMT Team 1 is in command   Loyalton, Vegetation Fire, Sierra County East of Loyalton – Tahoe National Forest * 46,872 acres, 60% contained   Red Salmon Complex – Shasta-Trinity National Forest Northeast of Willow Creek, CA *16,485 acres, 39% contained   **Local Government** Holser, Vegetation Fire, Ventura County/Los Angeles County South of Lake Piru *3,000 acres, 80% contained

July 7th, 2020

Smartsville Fire District in Need of Volunteers

The Smartsville Fire District covers approximately 92 square miles of wildland urban interface. There are over 650 residences with approximately 1,600 residents in the District. Both Hwy 20 and the Yuba River pass through the center of the area while the primary employers in the area are Beale Air Force Base, light manufacturing and mining. The employees and volunteers respond to all fires, medical emergencies, hazardous material events and public assists within the District and provide automatic and mutual aid to others outside the District. While the annual call volume is just over 200 per year, the variety and complexity of the calls can match those of much larger departments.
The District is currently staffed with one Chief, a Training Officer, two fully trained Volunteers, three additional Volunteers in training and one Explorer. We have one Type I (structure) engine, one Type 3 (wildland) engine, two Type 6 (quick attack) engines. For the first six months of 2020 the District has responded to 88 calls the majority of which were medical emergencies, vehicle accidents and vegetation fires. Most of the volunteers have regular jobs elsewhere and are not always available to respond during the day.
We are always looking for trained responders that may be available to volunteer one or two days a week to assist with our staffing needs. For those fresh out of a fire academy looking to build your skills and resume, we can offer opportunities to accomplish both of those. We are also looking for someone with construction skills to assist in minor station repairs and others that may be willing to assist as needed in non-emergency functions. Some of the technical assistance needs includes website development, woodworking, media and community relations and donation organizer. If you, or somebody you know, is interested in volunteering with the District, please leave a message on the station phone (530) 639-0405 or send an email to Once we get your message, someone will contact you to discuss the opportunities and requirements.

Take a look at some of our other Volunteer Opportunities June 20th, 2020

Oregon Peak LO - sun

Oregon Peak fire lookout tower is a 65- foot steel frame tower located in Yuba County. Volunteers staff the tower during peak fire season, typically June through November.

Location of accurate azimuth and compass bearings, detailed map reading, identification and report of smoke, fire or adverse weather conditions to the command center are just a few of the tasks our volunteers perform.

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